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AC6000 changes
August 30, 2007
CSX and GE have begun to modify the 117 AC6000CW's. Once again, these units will be downgraded to 4400 horsepower. They will also be upgraded to ES44AC specfications and will likely be designated ES44AC's once complete. Work is being preformed at Waycross, Huntington and Erie, PA.
SD70/80AC's to be renumbered
June 2, 2007
Brian Gessel of the LocoNotes Yahoogroup that CSX will be renumbering SD70AC's 700-789 and SD80AC's 800-812. The SD70AC's will be renumbered 4500-4589 and the SD80AC's will be moved to 4590-4602. CSX is moving these units to make room for an order of EMD's.
Chester on Track 2007
April 29, 2007
On Saturday, May 19th, 2007, The Chester Foundation will hold its 16th Annual Chester on Track. More info is available here.
Radio Changes
February 25, 2007
On or about March 1st, CSX will be making changes to the radio frequencies on the Boston Line. There will be seperate channels for the dispatcher and the road.

The new channels are as follows:

NA Dispatcher 160.6800
Road Channel 160.8000

NB Dispatcher 160.5600
Road Channel 160.8000
CSX returning lease units
February 18, 2007
CSX is currently in the process of returning FURX SD40-2 3000-3029 to First Union Rail. These 30 units are to be send to Cumberland, MD prior to being returned to their lessor. Also, most HLCX leasers are now in storage in Flint, MI.
More ES44DC's coming
January 18, 2007
The third order of ES44DC's have been delivered upto 5414. Apparently there is also a fourth and final order scheduled for delivery later this year. They will be numbered in the 5600 series.
GE's toasted in Kentucky
January 18, 2007
A pair of CSX AC4400CW's were likely destroyed in Irvine, KY earlier this week when four runaway cars struck them. The accident occured after a local yard switcher lost its cars, resulting in them traveling several miles into the path of the locomotives. CSX 151 took the brunt of the damages and will likely be retired. The trailing unit, CSX 403 was also damaged but not as severe.


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