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December 13, 2006
I will be making some changes for 2007. Some of those changes include the removal of the Foreign Power page as well as some much needed updates. Look for these changes to begin soon!
CSX Roster Changes
December 13, 2006
CSX has retired its last B23-7R. 3185 has been sold to Ohio Central Railroad. It is currently in Selkirk, NY after spending the fall on work trains on the B&A. CSX will move the locomotive to Huntington, WV where it will have its cab signal removed before going to OHCR. CSX has also ordered another 100 ES44DC's. Delievery is expected to begin in January. The units will be numbered 5400-5499.
Train changes
November 19, 2006
CSX has been forced to reroute trains due to the Anacostia Bridge problems on the RF&P. B&A train Q174 is effected. Effective immediately, Q174 has been temporarily annulled and R174 is running in its place. Earlier this week, part of the Anacostia Bridge, near Washington, DC shifted out of alignment, forcing the shutdown of the RF&P Subdivision. All trains are being rerouted, several through Selkirk.
Train strikes tanker truck
October 29, 2006
On Saturday, October 28, 2006, CSX train Q174-26 struck a loaded waste water tanker at the Williams Riding Way grade crossing in Westfield, MA. The accident occurred around 10:30am. Witnesses reported the truck going around the lowered gates after a westbound train cleared the crossing, only to be struck by the oncoming train. The driver of the truck survived the crash. Unfortunately his pet dog did not. Q174-26's power; CSX 5224 and CSX 5305 both received moderate damage in the crash and were crippled on site and set off in Springdale Siding. CSX 5224 sustained minor fire damage, along with bent and broken hand rails, a dented nose as well as damage to the plow area. CSX 5305 had its hand rails and air reservoirs damaged on the engineer side of the locomotive.
Photo's of the wreck are located here:
CW44AC changes
October 25, 2006
General Electric has commenced software upgrades in CSX AC4400CW's 557-599 and 5101-5122. GE is installing high tractive effort software into these locomotives. Once completed, CSX will redesignate these units CW44AH's.
CSX acquires B40-8's from NS
October 21, 2006
CSX has acquired 18 GE B40-8's from Norfolk Southern. The units involved are numbered NS 4800-4817. All of which are former Conrail units. The rumor in the railfan community is that the B40-8's would be placed in the 5700 series. However it is likely that they will be numbered after the current CSX B40-8's; 5962-5979. The 18 units are currently at Enola, PA awaiting transfer to CSX.
New engine for Berkshire Scenic
October 8, 2006
Berkshire Scenic Railway has acquired former Conrail SW8 9128 from a private owner in Guilderland, NY. The locomotive is in near running condition however it does need some work prior to entering service. BRMX 9128 is currently in Selkirk, NY awaiting shipment to Pittsfield where Housatonic Railroad will take it to Lenox.
SD50-2 update
August 23, 2006
With the success of the SD50-2 program, CSX has decided it will convert the remaining SD50's into SD50-2's.
New Dispatching System
August 9, 2006
Last week, the CSX dispatchers in Selkirk Yard have begun using a new dispatching system. This system is designed to be a significant upgrade from the previous system. However they are having nothing but trouble with it. The dispatchers are having difficulties talking to trains, aligning switches, and putting signals up.
Locomotives Retired
August 9, 2006
CSX has sent several locomotives to the deadlines across the system. MT-6 1007, SD40 4614, B30-7's 5503, 5520, 5557, and 5567 and B36-7 5828 have all been retired and are stored at various locations.
Loco News
June 26, 2006
CSX has derated several more SD50's to SD50-2 status, including 8649. The 8649 spent the spring on the B&A running ballast trains between West Springfield and Selkirk. The unit is now numbered 2480 and wears YN3 paint. It is rumored that several of CSX's retired 4-axle GE units will soon be making a trip to Schenectady, NY. They will be rebuilt into new switchers for CSX by SSSI and RailPower
Chester on Track 2006
May 19, 2006
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 20, The Chester Foundation will hold its 15th Annual Chester on Track. Hours are from 9am to 4pm, rain or shine. CSX will have a locomotive on display and will be available for tours. Also, there will be a small train show inside of the train station. IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING, NOTE THAT THE BOSTON LINE WILL A VERY BUSY FREIGHT MAINLINE. PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF THE TRACKS
Roster Changes
May 13, 2006
CSX has made several roster changes recently. As mentioned on May 10, B23-7R 3187 has been retired and stored at Waycross, GA. Also retired was TORC SD40 998. Taking its place is SD40 4613, which has been renumbered TORC 997. GP40-2's 4424 and 6239 have both been derated to GP38-2S's. Several SD50's have been derated and renumbered. Those units include 2474(8499), 2484(8653), 2492(8669), 2493(8670). 8640 has also been derated and is enroute to Waycross to be renumbered.
Down to One
May 10, 2006
CSX has retired another Super 7. CSX 3187 has been sent to the Waycross, GA deadline. 3187 still sported Conrail blue. This leaves just one B23-7R on the roster; 3185, which is currently in MOW service between Buffalo, NY and West Springfield, MA.
It's Circus Season
April 26, 2006
The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Trains will be on the Boston Line once again this spring. Both the Red and Blue trains will traverse the rails of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island in May. For the first time in nearly six years, the circus returns to Springfield from May 10-14. However the Red Train is scheduled to be in Rochester, NY at that time. At the same time, the Blue train will be in Hartford. Before arriving in Hartford, the Blue train will be in Providence from May 3rd through May 7th.
Trackwork Begins
April 20, 2006
CSX has commenced track work on the Boston Line. Over the past month MOW personel have dropped ties and ballast in Western Massachusetts. This week, crews began work on the line. A welded rail train recently arrived in West Springfield Yard with at least 5 miles of rail.
Locomotive for MCVX
April 19, 2006
CSX has donated U36B #WLO-1 to the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters Association. The U36B was a load testing unit in Waycross, GA. WLO-1 will be renumbered MCVX 7764. The locomotive lacks ditch lights and cab signals and may make a stop in Cumberland or Huntington to have them installed before continuing on to West Springfield.
B&A Train Changes
March 24, 2006
Effective immediately train Q274 will now terminate in Framingham, MA instead of Ayer. Q293 will now originate in Framingham, not Ayer. Ford has moved its unloading facility from Ayer to Framingham.
CSX takes delivery of new locomotives
March 24, 2006
CSX has begun taking delivery of its second order of GE ES44DC's. So far 5300-5309 have been released from GE's Erie, PA shop.
CSX orders additional ES44DC's
March 4, 2006
CSX has placed an order for an additional 100 ES44DC's from GE. The units are to be numbered 5300-5399. CSX is utilizing their option from the first order of ES44DC's ordered last year. A third order of 100 units is expected later this year.
ST Derailment
March 4, 2006
Springfield Terminal coal train NHB-08 derailed eight to ten cars in the interlocking at CPF-370 in Erving, MA early yesterday morning. The switch and several hundred feet of track were destroyed. ST and RJ Corman are in the process of clearing the mainline. Plans are to restore service by Sunday, March 5th.
C30-7/C36-7's retired
January 7, 2006
CSX has retired the remaining former Conrail C36-7's and downgraded C30-7's. All units are entered into the computer as RETIRED/SOLD. All of the units are enroute to the Waycross, GA deadline.
CSX power moves
January 1, 2006
CSX will be acquiring another pair of F40PH's. These units are to be numbered 9990 and 9991. Units retired are B36-7's 5809, 5837, 5838, 5878 and 5912; B30-7 5537; C30-7 7137; C36-7's 7131 and 7133; GP39 4280; SD38 2464. Two engines involved in the wreck in Virginia have also been offically retired as well as one from the Florida head on wreck. The units from Virginia are SD40-2's 8101 and 8877 and from Florida; C40-8W 7803.


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